53 - Musical Extravaganza

It was pouring with rain just 30 minutes before the start of our lecture demonstration; Louise and I looked at each other and said “We can’t cancel now! Can we?” Clare said “no you can’t now get changed”.

Mum, dad and Tony tried to hang on to the gazebo as it took off in the wind and Tony had to put straw bales behind the BBQ to stop the wind blowing it out.

The DJ was worried the sound system would get wet, so we put it in the horse box and cover the speakers in bin liners. Then he could not get our CDs to work which was slightly worrying with only a few minutes to go.

Tracy and the gang were bringing chairs out from every little nook and cranny whilst selling tickets at the same time. All in all I felt positively exhausted before we even started.

Lecture Demo 2013Lynda was the first guinea-pig in riding her lovely piebald cob. Tommas was extremely excited when he realised the audience had arrived to see him perform and perform he did!! Lynda did a great job to stay on board despite several attempts by Tommas to deposit her. The music has helped Lynda ride in a much better rhythm in her canter work; they achieved 7 points the next day at their first affiliated competition. Well done.

Anne Pooles lovely young horse Duvie is a very cool customer and this really showed as he took everything in his stride. Ridden beautifully by Louise though a test she had just put together a couple of days before the demonstration. Lovely choreography and the changes of pace matched the music perfectly.

Clare and Tom have come on leaps and bounds under Louise’s guidance. Tom was wearing 3 white bandages and one black which demonstrated beautifully the beats per minute. I could hear her music but unfortunately I was tacking up whist she was riding. Louise said they did really well.

Thank you to Clare for making the fabulous cakes.

Rommel was up next which was slightly scary as Louise had control of the microphone and she loved it!!! Rommel showed how different types and themes of music could work if they matched the beat per minute and type or character of the horse. I was rather worried she would play let me entertain you, which sometimes he can!

Last up was the lovely Yogi and Louise. He was rather lit up by the wind which had really picked up speed and the black bin liners had to be removed from the speakers. Eventually he settled and Louise gave a loud cheer when she got all the way around the arena on four legs rather than two. They demonstrated the degree of difficulty very well and performed a lovely test to music from “Madness”

It just leaves me to say how lucky we are to have such fantastic friends and family who are always on hand to help us carry out our amazing ideas.

Keep an eye on the website as we have a Dressage competition at Higher Merley on 30th June- Walk trot to Elementary level.

I have a Clinic at Higher Merely on Thursday 27th to get prepared for the competition. We have Clear round jumping on Friday 12th July 2.30pm to 8pm and workshops to music dates to follow ASAP in preparation for WDRC Dressage Competition on 15th September. Email if you are interested in having a go to dressage to music.

20th of June 2013

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